Flourish without examples

I suggested to my local historical preservation group that we hold a Garden Tour in the spring. “Great idea” they told me. “Get a committee together and do it!”

Right. I’m not a team player. I’m retired and have good ideas which I do nothing with. So I put feelers out and ended up with two other retired women. One good at Excel who became our volunteer person because it demanded lists, and one music lover who took over entertainment.

The preservation group hadn’t thought of adding entertainment but they let me go with it. And then it all grew. Our homeowners went over and above. We had baby quail demos. We had rainbarrel demos. One artist made 100 butterflies to stream around his porch. A vertical gardener bought a huge set up.

We were told to stop adding things so we kept some things to ourselves. Our musician list tripled because we were approached by a local DJ — who became our one, young committee member. The meditation garden had a Buddhist monk and an opera singer was set to perform at our community garden.

I was scared. We’d gathered 21 locations. It would be a long day.

With no presale of tickets we had no idea of how it would all go but on the day — wow! Eight hundred tickets were sold. Happiness ran through the air. People were curious, intrigued and participatory! We seemed to be a hit.

A few weekends later, in an effort to compare, I went to another neighborhood’s much touted garden tour. Ready to be envious. I was actually underwhelmed! It was a normal tour. We’d had way more gardens. This one had no buzzy singers, no going all out homeowners. Just a simple cruise around some nice gardens which people probably expected at our tour.

So I realized, without preconceived ideas, you can turn your ignorance into other peoples bliss!



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